Toddler clothing is a basic need for the children after a baby is born the parents always get some clothes for the newborn. Even after buying almost everything, you still feel that you have left out other essential garments for the baby.

Some of the essential clothing for the newborn includes:


They are shirt like, and you always want to have them as they are comfortable, one should have them in various sizes to keep up with the growing baby and in a good number as it can be changed even four times a day

Kimono tops

They are shirts and are open on one side as such minimize contact with the baby umbilical cord that Is still sensitive.


A baby will always need hats to be worn during the cold season and should not be tight in the baby’s head as it can injure him


After a newborn arrives, toddler clothing should be given the highest priority to only get those clothes that will be comfortable to the baby and also fit the growing baby.

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