from birth to a year old, the senses of a baby develop at an alarming rate. their blurred vision becomes clearer and can recognize familiar persons when they are six weeks old.parents can use sensory toys to improve their babies’ development.

when a baby is 3-4 months old, they begin to develop full-color vision, unlike newborns who can only distinguish between light and darkness.As a parent, you may use sensory toys to possibly improve your baby’s vision development.

in the course of development, use pictures with big faces to help your baby recognize different faces and features that constitute the facial’s equally wise to use your facial expressions to illustrate happy or sad feelings.

your baby may not be able to differentiate all colors. therefore the best sensory toys are those with high contrast colors and can also improve your baby’s hearing by varying the pitch of your voice or reading aloud some written materials.musical sensory toys may be great to help babies make sounds on their own.

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