Reach Out and Read Non-Profit Organization

Reach Out and Read is a non-profit organization that encourages reading and literacy. Established at Boston Medical Center in 1989 by a few ambitious individuals, they realized that early childhood was a crucial stage in terms of mental development. In fact, they recognized that 90 percent of a child’s brain development takes place between the time they are born until the age of 5. By reading frequently to children during these years, their intellectual growth is benefited immensely. Realizing that they needed to make use of this developmental period, they decided to implement a plan: they would work with pediatricians and other medical practitioners to convince parents to read to their children.

What is Their Vision?

Reach Out and Read sees a future where parents read to their children every day, and where they are able to contribute directly to their children’s literacy skills. They aim to help as many children as they can, regardless of their background, so that they can have the best possible start to life.

Read out and Read’s optimism and evidence-based approach has allowed them to expand globally across 6,400 clinical locations. Their extensive team of medical professionals provide books to millions of children every year, They aim to help millions more in the future.

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