Children understand the language of music instinctively. From a very young age, we see children moving to the rhythm of a song. Dancing, clapping and singing entertain and offer joy to children!

Is it only for fun?

No, music for children interacts with their mind and body, helps them mentally, emotionally, socially.

It can calm a kid from crying, offer a good night’s sleep, enhances creativity, imagination.

What is the best music for children?

Integrate music to a child’s life from newborn- create a music environment

• Music for newborns and infants: classical music, lullabies or any slow and steady melody (at the same time you can also sing to them)

Preferences may vary among babies- use a variety of songs

• Music for children at preschool age: you can use also more rhythmical music.

Start music activities and music games, educational music (learn the alphabet, the colors, the shapes, numbers, etc).

Include a little bit of dancing and try to create rhythms and songs together

• Music for children at school age: kid now can hear any type of music (even your favorite as long as it’s not violent), educational songs (i.e. how to behave to others, what to watch for, etc). Encourage your child to learn a musical instrument.

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