So, you’ve been invited to a baby shower, but you’re not sure what to bring as a gift. It can be an intimidating proposition. There are so many adorable baby shower gift ideas to choose from and you want to select something that will stand out in the sea of ultra-adorable sloth covered onesies and slippers shaped like forest animals.

The first trick is to figure out your target category. Do you want to go practical or whimsical? Are you thinking boutique chic or custom-crafted?

A practical gift that all new parents need is a portable changing pad. They’ll get one with the diaper bag, but it’s essential to have a second one for grab-and-go occasions, maybe include a roll of disposable diaper bags for extra convenience.

On the other hand, in the category of custom-crafted baby shower gift ideas you can never go wrong with a knitted blanket from a local artisan or family member, or a piece of unique upcycled art like a fox made from soda cans.

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